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Laboratories Herbal Remedies

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Company Profile

מעבדות צמחי מרפא בע

Laboratories herbs produce hundreds of different
products Formulas based on the unique requirements of different customers.
Bold approach the development of product differentiation between the nutritional needs of man, woman, child and adult population
of special population such as: people on a diet, athletes, Diabetes, women, men, and more.

Herbs Laboratories specializes in manufacturing private brands (private labels)
for marketing firms in the country and worldwide, for networks of houses - pharmacy,
daughter of nature, healing clinic.
Products for export that we produce can be also under the label
of Galilee or from the Galilee.
Laboratories herbal remedies Ltd has customers all over the world we produce
for the Japanese market, our products export in the u.s.a Romania Europe… and more.
Our company has trading relationships with marketing networks and we would
like to test your product market in Israel, therefore we request additional
information: Prices, Exclusive, supplies and etc.


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